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at national. 40, yes 48 in cumberland. 57 in winchester and hagerstown and 69 in southern maryland. locally we have 60s. mid-50s in montgomery county from gaithersburg to laytonsville to 62 in columbia. a great day. sunshine. still very comfortable. highs around 80. >>> good morning. happy thursday, everybody. i wish we had better news for folks in maryland. right now an accident at cherry hill road. between park drive. actually we are seeing live pictures that sky 9 is carrying, i believe that's one of the cars involved in the accident. this is cherry hill road. it was blocking all lanes for most of the morning and it is still blocked in college park. -- we are zooming in on the accident zone so avoid the area if you can right now. we have another crash to report on the inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. that's another one to look out for in maryland as well this morning. taking a live picture on 270. right now southbound as we move to our live camera, right now no big problems reported from father hurley to the split. a little volume between germantown and i-370. good morning, virginia. hope
in to northern new jersey. we have a few in western maryland and west virginia. temperature-wise it is really muggy and sticky out there. 81 cambridge at this hour. even in the mid to upper 70s in the shenandoah valley. we are at 79. 84 by 9:00. and this afternoon some scattered storms move north to south. temperatures by five in the upper 80s. time for traffic. >>> good morning. we are keeping an eye on the accident at prince william parkway near the hack kwan river bridge. all westbound lanes, one lane is open. all eastbound lanes are closed. avoid the area. the closures will be in place the next half hour or. so in manassas, an ongoing police activity is disrupting traffic between wellington and nokesville road. that will be in place for a while. avoid the area if you can. interstate traffic on 95, volume is picking up between prince william parkway and lorton, but all lanes are open. up to 395, duke and seminary, volume there as well but no major incidents or accidents reported but a crash in maryland, 270, route 85 off to the right shoulder. we are seeing some traffic b
couple of days. a water main break in potomac, maryland that has south glen road closed between lorton and glen road road. and river is the alternate once again. on the outer loop things are slowing down between colesville road and georgia avenue. for beach goers throughout, yeah it is the weekend, 50 eastbound, things are looking good for you. on the inner loop in virginia, things are clear out here. sun is trying to rise. on the outer loop, we are finding a slow go to telegraph. and 50 to 123 is how we wrap it up. building more volume and delay is on the way. back to you. >>> this morning, police in the district are investigating a double shooting. it happened just hours ago. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. so far police are not saying anything about suspects. all we know is that two people, two young men, according to neighbors, are fighting for their lives in a local hospital. they are both reported to be in serious if not critical condition. as for right now, you can see that at least
, maryland home. >> we have a cancer parent who has -- who is on insulin. we have two other elderly people in the block. every day i told them that. >> reporter: pepco says it will be midnight until power is restored to those who lost electricity from sunday's storm. much of the work centered in montgomery county where crews are running in to problems with underground service there. they say restoration right now is one customer at a time. >> in this gentleman's case, we had a crew on site. and they were doing work and when that work was finished, they assumed that everything was fine on that particular circuit. so they left. now we found out there was additional damage. >> reporter: he argues the claim by the montgomery county executive that the company was slow to respond. pepco says the immediate goal, of course, is to get folks back up and running. we are talking about 2700 people out of power including yesterday's storm and sunday's storm. 200 folks are still out of power since sunday. they say after that they will assess the situation, assess the job they have been doing, trying to b
valley. 65 southern maryland. going up to 80 today. a gorgeous day ahead. >>> here's patranya bhoolsuwan with the first look at traffic. >> reporter: it is early in the morning and we already have a bad accident to tell you about at college park and cherry hill road. it is closed in both directions due to what appears to be a head-on collision. avoid that in college park if you can. >>> move to the outer and inner loop in maryland. right now we have construction on route 5 on the outer loop on route 23, there is something to watch for. look for the workers working  this morning. virginia i-66, good morning, moving to the city from 66 manassas from 495 looking good. beltway virginia from tysons corner to 270 and south of springfield no problems reported in both directions. and finally we move to 395. a live shot. there nice and quiet from duke to the 14th street bridge. that's a quick check on your commute. back to you. >>> today nine of the ten people accused of spying for russia are due in court. three are scheduled to make an appearance in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia
>>> breaking news from potomac, maryland. a faulty 96-inch water main at tuckerman lane and gainsboro road has forced wssc to impose mandatory water reductions -- restrictions. bruce leshan is in potomac with more information. what can you tell us? >> big hassle for the 1.8 million people who are served by the wssc, but the wssc is calling this is a huge success for new technology that they have been installing in the water pipes in the big water lines that run all over the two counties, montgomery and prince georges. you can see the folks behind us. those folks are checking now, just to try to figure out if they have the exact right location pin pointed. but what they heard last night was from this acoustic -- acoustic wire that is running through the pipes is seven pings, pop, pop, pop. and those pings are indications that the wire inside of the pipe, the concrete pipe through which the water travels, that the wires had broken. and once you start having that going on, there's a fear that the tube could actually break and then you could have a big problem like we had on
time to head out to 95. staying in maryland. 66 is looking good all morning long. eastbound and westbound from centreville to 495. not seeing anything blocking the travel lanes. in gaithersburg, maryland, drivers commuter alert is in place approaching shady grove. blocking the right lane. emergency crews are trying to clear it up. hopefully -- hopefully it will be gone in a short time. the inner loop a in maryland, a crash on the right shoulder. not causing major delays both side of the american legion, no problems and 95 and bw parkway as we switch to the maps looking good between 695 and 495. no problems reported. back to andrea. >>> you can take a shower this morning but don't let it last too long and don't let the water run while you brush your teeth. that's the order from wssc because of a leaking water main. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland where work to fix the leak is going on around the clock. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. this work will likely be going on around the clock until at least monday. and until then what this means for 1.8 million ws
. spotlight on maryland weather in about 8 minutes. i got that right today. >> reporter: we've been following an early morning traffic alert for you. weather impacting our roads this morning. we're taking a live shot here. the east highway is closed in both directions between joans mill road and connecticut. the way to get around it if you're headed westbound use connecticut at joans bridge road. take that to joans mill and that will get you back on the east highway. all of this is posted at wusa9.com. moving the shot over into arlington. that's where we have a tree that knocked down some wire. another weather related problem out here on north military road. the road is closed at 31st but happy to report you can take north pollard street of to 30th to get around it. also take note that traffic lights could be out. 66 headed eastbound. your delay is stretching from the fairfax county parkway from 123. thank you to an earlier accident. you're looking great up toward 66. not the case if you're on the outer loop in maryland because things are starting to drop speed between university over to geor
well. in potomac, maryland a water main break has the road closed. use river as the alternate. moving to the beltway on the outer loop in beltway, you are doing fine. inner loop watch for construction near the route 1 college park exit. we are tracking the trip 95 southbound. at 198 construction is taking away the left lane. 395 in virginia doing just fine. construction near seminary and one hour drive is what we are looking at out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. over to you. >>> right now, dc police are searching for clues in an overnight double shooting. it happened around 12:30 this morning in the 3500 block of 19th street southeast. police arrived to find two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one was said to be in grave condition. the second was believed to be in serious condition. >>> local utility companies are asking their customers to conserve electricity. this after a week of extreme heat has led to high demand for electricity. that intense demand in the underground tunnels fried 200 feet of cable. that knocked out power to hundreds of customers for days
on her body. >>> a potomac, maryland teen says she enticed a car salesman with sex in order to lead him down a math where her boyfriend hit and killed him with a shovel. that investigation came out as emily geller pleaded guilty to first-degree murder yesterday. she faces up to 25 years in prison for killing 57-year-old alley. >>> police need your help to find an accused child predator. officers believe a man resembling this sketch assaulted a 7-year-old girl on sunday. it happened in the 3600 block of columbia park in arlington. the girl was in the small play area outside of the business when a man pulled her in the play house and assaulted her. the mother was inside the laundromat when the incident happened. if you have seen this man or have any information about the crime, call police. >>> the washington redskins get back to work today as training camp starts this afternoon. while the off season was consumed with the albert haynesworth saga, the defensive tackle reported on time and he tried to make up with his teammates. >> reporter: on thursday, the curtain goes up on shanahan's fi
of maryland on the outer loop from 95 to georgia seeing more head lights. many are more people on the roadways but no complaints from 95 to georgia. route 4, route 5 and 301, right now still quiet out there on the maps. not picking up anything out of the ordinary. as we move to virginia, though and checking out how things are on 395, nice and quiet from duke all the way to the 14th street bridge. >>> marc managers have scheduled a second straight meeting with commuters at union station. they are trying to reassure train riders that steps are being taken after several missteps in the last ten days. kristin fisher is live at union station with more. good morning. >> there were actually two big marc meetings here in washington yesterday. one was a meet the marc managers event held here at union station for all marc rider and the other was an emergency meeting of the marc riders a advisory council to address the problems that have been taking place on the penn line over the past two weeks -- weeks. ten days ago, almost 1,000 passengers on a northbound penn line train were stranded on the tracks fo
.facebook.com/wusa 9. another comment right here, beltsville, maryland, felt it. caused me to wake up, my dog and parrot starting to go crazy. sounds like it got people up and going early this friday morning. down here you can see tracey jones dickerson wrote, i'm in dunkirk, maryland and it shook my bedroom door. no one else is in the house. one wrote, fort washington, although i don't live on a commercial street, i thought that a tractor-trailer was passing by. and i was asking the same question over on my facebook page. i was asking everybody to send in comments if they felt the quake and that's the biggest thing we are hearing this morning is people saying it felt like a truck going by. tom wrote the whole house was shaking felt like a truck down the road but when i looked outside, no truck was to be found so i assumed it was a earthquake. another wrote felt the whole house shake. very odd feeling. it is really amazing. not a ton of damage and shaking but people certainly woken up very early this morning because of this earthquake. andrea? >> it is definitely a conversation starter. and w
and in to western maryland now. let's switch to doppler real quick. southern pennsylvania, western maryland we have light showers at the moment. this is the line we will watch. back on the computer, temperatures are running at 80, a warm muggy morning. some 70s out there. cumberland you are the warm spot at 81. looking at the day at a glance, 84 by 9:00. 90 by noon. mostly cloudy and showers and storms by then. upper 80s for 5:00 as the showers and storms pull away. some of the storms, especially south, could be strong to severe. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the roads. >> as you heard howard said scattered showers later on today but the road is right now dry. in and out of the beltway no major problems reported. just the traffic lights are out in montgomery county. let's switch to the live camera. 95 north no problems. on the beltway in virginia between braddock and i-66 as we switch over. no big problems on the west side of the beltway. good morning, maryland. on i-270 this morning heading down south from father hurley to split no problems, as well. and 95 and bw parkway as we
over there. back to the live camera in maryland. 270 from father hurley to the split. all lanes are open and no incidents or accidents reported. same story on 50. i think people are coming back. the toll plaza to the beltway. maybe from the eastern shore things looking good there, as well. and finally if people have to go in to dc for issues not a lot of people are working right now. all clear in dc, as well. back to you. >>> thank you. >>> at the top of the hour we are following breaking news. a couple of houses on fire in northwest northeast washington. this is a live picture from island avenue just east of north capitol street in northeast washington. two homes caught fire. 75 firefighters responded to the scene and got it under control in 15 minutes. the good news there are no reports of any injuries. a nice day and engineering made the 4th of july one to remember on the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people crowded downtown and places around town and took in an amazing fireworks display and concert. the perfect backdrop for america's 234th birthday. >> it was marve
. still 83 at andrews. 81 down in southern maryland and 81 andrews. -- excuse me, national with upper 60s in the shenandoah rally and 70 in martinsburg and cumberland and the heat index in the low to mid-80s in spots. another blistering day. heat index 105. the heat advisory up to 11:00. code orange air quality and upper 90s by lunchtime. topping off around 101, 102 again. here's angie with the latest traffic. >>> take a look. it is nice and quiet across the viewing area. this is just how we like it. happy wednesday, everybody. move it outside and show you the outer loop from 95 to 270. looking at a clear drive. as we teenage you to route 4, route 5 and 301, we want you to know there are no incidents or accidents to report on those roadways and the beltway in virginia, we want you to know between the wilson bridge and the american legion we are finding drivers are nothing but at speed. no incidents or accidents along the way. if you are traveling on 95 northbound, looks like we are delay free from dumfries up to the springfield interchange. andrea, back to you. >>> if you are seeing us th
on maryland's traffic. is it maryland. >> it is maryland coming up. >> i do that in seven minutes. you do traffic. >> all right. thank you. right now focus on dc because that's where we have a main tieup. this is an ongoing construction project on 16th street and crescent place. this will take place throughout friday. we are talking 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. where you are losing a couple of lanes in both directions and not going to be able to part going southbound because of the work zone. moving to the outer loop in maryland. the delay is setting in and it is growing from colesville road to georgia avenue. our next stop takes us back to the realtime graphics and route 4, route 5 and 301 obviously in the dark. there we go. we will zoom in and show you the traffic is doing fine out here. green cars are telling us everything is moving at speed. 395 northbound, more drivers are hitting the road past duke street to the pentagon. overall still clear crossing the 14th street bridge and 95 before this in virginia going northbound slowing down between the prince william parkway and 123 and again fai
exit. in to maryland we go. actually 270 southbound. we will take it. 121 to the beltway moving at speed and 495 between 95 and 270, pretty sweet. no incidents or accidents to report at this time or any major delays. andrea, back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, we bring you some of the stories happening in your world today. all eyes will be on the atlantic and tropical storm bonnie. the path takes it over the florida keys by tonight. after that the storm will head to the gulf of mexico. it could make land fall by monday. >>> congress has until today to reject the district's legalization of medical marijuana. so far, no action is expected. even if it is allowed the rules and dispensaries could be months away. >>> the army 0 chief of staff holds a retire ceremony for general mcchrystal. he lost his job last month over comments he made at a magazine interview. he will still retire as a four star general. >>> also today metro riders are getting new promises about those hefty escalators. kristin fisher is live at the dupont circle station with more. >> metro is saying the chaos w
roads. on the outer loop in maryland, we move it outside. we are live from university but we want you to know at cherry hill we have roadwork on the side of the roadway. should be clearing in the next half hour or so. 270 the roadwork is set up going southbound at clopper road 117 and northbound at falls and muddy branch. that's a look at traffic. now, back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> prince georges county police are asking for your help to find a robber. take a look. this is surveillance video from the sunoco gas station in the 6300 block of livingston road in oxon hill. if you are looking at the screen, you can see the man to the left of the screen in a white tank top. once the customer leaves, he pulls out a gun and demands cash from the employee. seconds later, more customers come in not knowing a crime had just taken place. if you have any information or recognize this man, call prince georges county police. >>> dc police made 36 arrests and seized $200,000 worth of drugs in a matter of 12 hours yesterday. it was part of operation sixth sense where officers target repeat vio
scott, a university of maryland, university college grad. part-time ups employee. lifelong resident of largo. now charged by a prince georges grand jury in the double murder of 42-year-old delores dewitt and her daughter, ebony. >> we will be seeking life without parole. >> police say he is the suspect in the double murder of another mother and daughter, karen and karissa loften. they lived within a two mile radius of scott's home. police suspect him in the 2008 murder of marketing executive, who is described scott as a serial killer, says he is forming a task force to look at cases more than a decade old. >> by no means, i think this investigation is over with. >> i'm lindsey mastas. there are no power lines in this neighborhood, but there is also no power. >> i moved to this area, underground, it will be better. >> neighbors are baffled. >> you won't see it. >> michael maxwell is pepco's management. >> portions you may not see the wires where the damage is. everyone though our wiring is under ground, the whole neighborhood isn't and our under ground wires have to come up i
. in maryland, the weather is already responsible for that as many heat-related deaths as all of last year. so far, six people have died in maryland in some relationship to the heat. virginia and credit card, they already surpassed last year's total as well. three people in virginia and one in the districts, they have to come to heat-related illness. >>> another fire this morning in northwest dc. they have left 18 people homeless. and it was first reported around 5:00 this morning at 10 rhode island avenue. after neighbors spotted flames on the roof. the fire spread to two adjacent homes. 100 firefighters worked to get it all under control. investigators are now trying to figure out the cause. >> right now, fire investigators believe that the fire was accidental. and the residence, they did have a gathering last night to have a fairly large rooftop deck. and that is at number ten. of course this 4th of july. there are a number of sources of platform admissions. and at this point, nothing has been ruled out. >> no one was hurt in the fire. dc authorities, they said that the damage to the units
. cumberland 63. 75 in southern maryland. locally we have 64 reston, 66 laytonsville, columbia 68. people on the beach. i'm sure we will see them in a moment. washington 74. what we are looking at today is a hot day. temperatures by noon in the low 90s. upper 90s to locally 100 and code red air quality, the first time this year. that means ground level air will not be healthy. if you are outside, limit your time and do what you can to avoid creating extra pollution. >>> it is 4:30. patranya bhoolsuwan is in for angie this morning. >> happy monday you. some of you may just be heading home from celebrations overnight. if you know people getting home right now you may want to warn them about this. this is the outer loop at route 5. a crash is blocking three right lanes only the left lane is getting by. not much traffic yet but something to watch for this morning. moving on to the topside of the beltway from 95 to 270 we are seeing traffic out there. this is typical for a monday after the celebrations. maybe people getting home a little later but no big problems out there. moving to our graph
of a big rally in washington today. but right now we begin our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. we are looking similar to the last few days in maryland where it is hot and sticky with more thunderstorms here and there, especially this afternoon. looking at things this morning relatively quiet. western maryland seeing a couple of showers this morning. as we start in the 60s and 70s and will climb to the 80-degree mark or so by 9:00 a.m. through midday, the chance of thunderstorms start to increase from west to east to the lunch hour. well though the 80s to 90s. highs topping out low 90s in spots this afternoon with a threat of a thunderstorm or two. >>> a couple of cameras focusing on maryland traffic. we begin with a live shot at quince orchard and clopper road. drivers are stopped at the light. overall no problems to report out this way. as we shift things over to georgia avenue and viersmill looks like the same situation. nice and quiet. and finally all aboard, we are flying over 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie toward washington. loo
now our focus on maryland traffic and weather. >> a good looking morning across maryland. drier air has moved in and in god shape for a couple of days and then there's sunday. focus on the friday forecast because we have a nice start out there. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. 50sin the mountains right now. by 9:00, low to mid-70s. really it will be a fine sunny day out there. a couple of high clouds is the big concern. lunchtime, upper 70s to low 80s. annapolis 79. 83 frederick. as we go through the afternoon we will see some temperatures, 85, 87, 88 for the high but the dry air is in place and will be around all day. >>> thank you, howard. time to get up and get going this mid friday morning. we have traffic conditions out there in maryland for you. this is connecticut and bradley. traffic lights are working again. it has been a problem all week long. right now all lights are up and running. switch to the maps and check things out on 4, 5 and 301, nice and quiet. no major incidents this morning. and finally on the beltway between university and georgia, right now everyone is m
you, devon. hope you are off to a great thursday, right now, finding issues in maryland and virginia. take a look outside at 270 and 109. an accident off to the left shoulder has the driver approaching the scene. hopefully, it will be cleared out shortly. as we return to the maps, we zoom into the bethesda area. this is where we have a downed tree. right now, southbound massachusetts remains closed. no lanes are passable at little falls parkway, so to get around this, you will want to use river road. northbound pennsylvania, approaching the capital beltway. still using the left lane as an accident investigation continues. 95 in virginia. no incidents, no accidents, but it looks like the delay is starting to set in. it is building and again between 77100 and the back road. back to you. >> at the top of the hour, pat yourself on the back, you live in the best educated region in the nation. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live outside of american university to tell us why we are so smart. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: we are feeling good. this is based on 2008 cen
at maryland weather in eight minutes. and right now traffic with angie. >>> we-related issues we are waking up to this morning. hope you are off to a great start. a downed tree in potomac as we sam in. it is in the roadway. it is taking away glen road. and we hear it will be out there throughout the morning rush hour. moving the scene over to the rockville area and bethesda, i want you to know we have downed wires causing traffic lights to be on flash. you want to treat it as a four- way stop. the same situation in reston, virginia where we have downed too and wires. it will be like that until 8 a.m. follow police direction. back to you. >>> thank you, angie. >>> there appears to be growing tension between b.p. and the federal government over what to do next with a broken well in the gulf of mexico. b.p. wants to keep the containment cap in place. the government scientist apparently discovered a seat that has federal officials very concerned. kristin fisher is live in the satellite center with more. good morning. >>> good morning, andrea. a great deal of confusion in the gulf this morning. b.p
bridge. you are going to watch for the new traffic pattern due to construction. in maryland 270 we have been tracking the traffic all morning and around the germantown area volume is starting to build and finally show you the outer and inner loop. happy to report from 95 and 270, smooth sailing. back to you. >>> we want to get to the big things happening in our our world today. the house will vote whether to extend unemployment benefits. president obama said he is eager to sign it in to law. it would help more than 2.5 million people. >>> oil spill workers are pulling out of the gulf of mexico. that's because of tropical weather threatening the region. the effort to plug the well has been halted for now, just days away from completion. >>> the white house is challenge to arizona's illegal immigration law goes before a judge today. it calls the crackdown unconstitutional but supporters say it enforces federal law. it is scheduled to take effect one week from today. >>> and we are learning more about how police found the man they think killed four women in largo, maryland. kristin fisher
maryland. 95 to georgia you are all clear. 66 lanes are wide open out of manassas. and 395, just watch for that new traffic pattern crossing the 14th street bridge expect similar conditions yesterday. back to you. >>> dc's department of youth and rehabilitation services is undernew leadership this morning. mayor fenty has promoted the chief youth prosecutor to run the troubled agency. but as gary none berg tells us he may not keep the job for long. >> reporter: at the top of the list the march 30th drive by shooting of nine young people on south capitol street. the suspects had a history with, dyrs. and then in april the murder of brine, the suspect under the supervision of dyrs. last month dozens of polices were called in. mayor fenty got rid of the interim director in charge when that happened. >> the only down side to it it is long overdue. >> and replaced him with the chief youth prosecutor robert hilldom. >> he is without any question one of the foremost experts in juvenile affairs in the district of columbia the mother of rochelle jones killed in the drive by wants better managem
in the future and provide a better infrastructure. we want to head north to germantown, maryland where bruce leshan is standing by where the epicenter hit. >> scientists -- scientists there probably told you 300 million years ago this neighborhood was probably a fairly active earthquake zone. at that point two tectonic plates were colliding with each over and they drove up the appalachian mountains which at that point were higher than the himalayas but they have worn down considerably now and all of that earth from the mountains covers these ancient faults that are deep underground here, considerably weakened. >> three seconds you will see it shaking. >> surveillance cameras at euro motors caught a shaking at precisely the time the earthquake hit. >> this is $140,000 mercedes. >> ouch. you are glad there wasn't anything more. >> nothing here. >> the boss may have been worried about the car but that's the last thing on the mind of the salesman desmond and his wife. >> i said what's shaking the house like that. >> the couple was worried the shaking was from someone trying to break in the back
in to northern maryland, northern virginia and west virginia. i want to switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. you see the action moving east. a couple of shores in eastern delaware. in frederick county, this is the worst of the weather we are looking at. a few storms are popping near winchester and we will look at those in a moment but the storms in frederick have potentially a little wind here, especially west side over to middletown. we are talking south the heaviest areas are south of 70 here. here's middletown heading tour ban that. they are moving at 30 miles an hour. so don't be surprised if you have lightning and gusting winds. we have seeing heavy thunderstorms starting to develop. they extend westminster, eastbound right down 140 and one more stop if i can before we throw it back to jc, over to areas around winchester because those storms are starting to fire here quickly as they are coming out this the mountains in to the heat and humidity. temperatures in the low 90s. it's very kick i can and the action to the east southeast. this will be here in the washington metro in another ho
in maryland is the next stop. roadwork at river road near this exit. and finally northbound 95. looks like more construction at 212. southbound, clean and green, all clear. >>> today after some delay french-based keolis will assume all vre vre operations. it takes over for amtrak which had run vre for the last 18 years. they were scheduled to take control on june 28th but it was delayed due to staffing issues. 80 employees have been hired across the country. nearly all the previous vre conductors, engineers and maintenance staff decided to stay employed with amtrak. officials from the federal railroad administration will ride every vre train to ensure commuter safety. >>> british petroleum says it is making progress on a new effort yet to contain the gulf oil leak. a cap on top of the gusher is intended to provide a tight seal and may allow crews to capture all the oil leaking from the well but as tara mergener reports it may be days a way. >> reporter: oil is gushing unchecked from b.p.'s blown out well as engineers take a shot at containing the crude. over the weekend, underwater reboths
grid is why supporters say we need a new high transmission power line from west virginia to maryland. and some new studies filed with the west virginia public service commission support the 275 mill line between amos and kemptown. the authors plan to file the same studies with regulators in maryland and virginia. opponents generally object to continuing to promote the use of coal for electricity or they don't like seeing the line in their backyards. >>> buying a home? good timing. mortgage rates from fallen to the lowest level in some 50 year and this year the average rate on a 30 year fixes is 4.57%. >>> the state of maryland is launching a program aimed at helping people buy new homes. state administrators say the program will provide $100 million in mortgage loans and will be focused on areas that expect to see significant growth due to the military base realignments that about to take place. >> it's good news for the first- time homeowners and good news for families relocating to maryland as a result of the base realignment and closure program. >>> more good news. under this prog
in forestville, maryland. maryland state police say the 27-year-old man was working on a paving operation on pennsylvania avenue near the beltway. according to police, the victim was crushed between two dump trucks. officers closed one northbound lane of pennsylvania avenue in order to investigate the accident and then police reopened that lane in time for the morning commute. a pleasant surprise in virginia. the state budget now has a surplus of at least $200 million. lawmakers site a jump in tax revenue, and this means a 3% december bonus for state employees. $18 million will go to local school districts, and money will go to the water quality improvement fund. governor bob mcdonald says the commonwealth is not out of the woods just yet. >> while these numbers are a positive sign for our citizens in virginia, there is much hard work to be done, and it is no time to let up on conservative budgeting, and certainly no time to let up on the fiscal discipline that we have tried to bring to state spending. >> democrats in richmond say the surplus is no surprise. they had a that governor mcdon
a focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> fairly quiet morning but i want to start with live doppler 9000 hd across montgomery county. we have a couple of light sprinkles between rockville and gaithersburg east of 270. and poolesville and dickerson. on the weather computer, we are expecting a chance of showers and storms across maryland today. some could be strong to severe. we start fairly quiet with isolated stuff this morning. quickly to 80 by 9:00. even lower 80s in southern maryland. lunchtime, northern and western maryland chance of showers and storms upper 80s and we will get to the 90s before the afternoon is out. >>> we have been watching it all morning and it is likely to be with us throughout the rush. the water main break situation that has northbound drivers on silver hill road diverted to on to royal hill plaza. drivers will lose the left lane because work on this. 270 southbound, everyone is still moving at speed. very nice from germantown road to the split. the time is nine minutes after the 6:00 hour. hope you are off to a grit wednesday. we'll be r
been blocking three lanes. watch for that if you are heading out on 495 in maryland. as we switch over, quiet between 95 and 270. no problems to report here. the beltway as we switch over to see how things are looking between springfield and tysons corner, clean and green. no problems. on 95 in virginia that might be heavy later today as people make their way back to dc but right now things are looking good northbound and southbound and finally in dc we are moving on m street right now looking on key bridge over to georgetown. no big problems reported. back to you. >>> hopefully this will be the last day more than 1 million wssc customers in montgomery and prince georges counties have to conserve water. crews are hoping to finish repairs on a 96-inch main which shows signs of rupturing last week. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with the latest. >> good morning. very good news this morning. wssc is reporting that old repairs on the pipe behind me should be complete by some point today. but until then wssc is requiring that these mandatory water restrictions stay in effect fo
maryland and culpeper. 79 fredericksburg but gaithersburg much more comfortable. 66 cumberland an oakland and maryland, garrett county 59 degrees. locally 70s out there with a few 60s. and gaithersburg at 68. looking at a good day with temperatures that will push 90. less humidity as we head to the afternoon. angie? >> traffic alert for you. traffic alert for you early on, as you would expect with weather conditions and the remnants we are dealing with this morning. new york avenue is closed in both directions. this is between first street northeast and northwest due to a fatal accident investigation. use florida over to rhode island to new jersey as your alternate. a lot of downed wires and downed trees in the area to report. the two biggies. maryland 212 as you go to the maps is closed and that is because of downed wires and then this is a downed tree on 410 that has the road closed cypress to glendale. we have many lights out throughout the region. 355 river road, your approaching a dark intersection treat it as a four-way stop. factor in extra minutes for the commute. we are expecting
national. 71 at hagerstown. 72 in frederick maryland and temperatures around the beltway to just outside, really uniform, lower to mid-70s everywhere. "9 news" forecast shows we have cloudy skies that will hang on. 77 at 9:00, 79 at noon, few peaks of sun breaking through this afternoon. if we can get more -- we'll talk more about when i expect more chances of storms to run in. the complete forecast in 15 minutes. >> right now, traffic. >> thank you so much, we do have the water main break in the potomoc, south glenn closed between norton and deep glenn. they were finding problems in other places as well. a police investigation going on on randolph road that has the road completely closed and police are directing oncoming traffic onto other roads as a result. 270, it looks like you are fining your way wide open. you will want to watch for that, making your way past toward the split. beltway in virginia, take note, we are losing one left lane between little river even braddock road. this morning's culprit is standing water. >>> approaching the 14th street britain, a okay, 95 heading north
southbound maryland 396. that road is currently closed at little falls parkway. >> the washington, d.c. region has just been ranked the best educated metropolitan area in the country. according to a new report released by the brookings institute. kristin fisher is crunching the numbers live for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this study is based on 2008 census data from the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country. once again, what do you know? washington, d.c. is home to the smartest people in the entire country. not boston, not seattle, not san francisco, us. we'll break it down by the numbers. this is a list of the top 5 metropolitan areas what do you know, number one, washington, arlington, that entire dc metro area comes in at 47% of adults with bachelor degrees. so that means half of washingtonians have college degrees. numbers 2, 3, and 4, bridge port, connecticut, san jose and san francisco, clock in at 33, 34%. and you might think it would be higher up on the list. boston, cambridge, massachusetts, at 42%. i should point out that the washington area ranks numbe
recreation center. that is 3310 gates december head manor way in silver spring, maryland near the briggs chaney road and route 29. the 311 call center has been activated and is available for nonemergency calls. the number is 311 if you are in montgomery county. outside of the county the number is 240-777-0311. jessica, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. >>> sky 9 is currently over a damaged apartment on cherry hill road. we are bringing you photos of that. you can see some of the road has been sheered off the complex. this is cherry hill road in college park. of course more damage from the storm we have been talking about a all morning. the live sky 9 pictures dramatic, giving us a sense of what we have been looking out throughout the area with the intense damage we have been seeing. trees down and in this case it was most likely wind damage that ripped the roof off of the complex. we will bring you more as we learn more about the situation. >>> the victim and a mother were in a minivan when a large tree toppled on them on sunday. rescue crews cut off the top of the vehicle to reach the
in southern maryland. hold on. it's going to get better. temperatures will warm to the upper 80s by 9:00. 90s by noon and 102 for the drive time. >>> it is 5:00 a.m. angie has the latest on the traffic. >>> reviews on the power outage in northeast dc. if you come at an intersection where the lights are out or on flash, treat it as a four-way stop. no accidents to report in virginia, district of columbia and maryland. we want to show you the drivers are moving at speed on 66 from centreville to past 50 to inside the beltway. the next stop the beltway in virginia not too busy this tuesday from 95 up to 66. now in maryland we want to move it back outside and show you the outer loop. no construction to report at this time. pretty much smooth sailing from 95 over to 270. and finally we will call it a wrap inside the district. we give you the suitland parkway where it meets south capitol street. nice an easy commute here. very, very quiet. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we can't say howard didn't warn us about the heat an alert and as he said today will be worse than yesterday. some people
. since the opinion is based on a 1952 law, marriages before then are not affected. >>> a maryland family raises concerns about a cancer cluster. >>> and this morning police in california are trying to keep rioting over a popular court verdict under control. >>> and this morning there's jubilation in one nba city and disgust in others after league mvp lebron james announces where he will play next season. we'll be right back. you are watching 9 news now. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>> welcome back. making your way to the district, notice the nice and quiet commute. hey, let's keep it that way. we have more traffic coming up. stay with us. >>> in the news now, police in oakland, california -- california have been making arrests all night long in an effort to quell rioting in the city them protester i don't see upset over the involuntary manslaughter conviction for a transit police officer w
in oxon hill, maryland need your help finding a robber. they released video from the sunoco gas station. the man standing to the left of the screen in a white tank top and tan hat was waiting for customers to leave and then he pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the employee. seconds later, more customers came in, not knowing a crime had just taken place. >>> two students could have to pay $150,000 for the damage caused by a soccer game in arlington, virginia. witnesses say two girls were juggling a soccer ball inside the newly renovated washington lethal when the ball hit a sprinkler causing them to go off. the water ended up damaging the school's gym. the insurance company is blaming the pair for negligence and seeking compensation. >>> five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. >> good morning. wall street has a ton to think about this morning. what are some of these things? there's the financial reform bill passing in the senate. goldman sacks settling an sec investigation and p
dropped 200. -- excuse me it dropped from 200 to 140. and in maryland, bge only has seven customers still in the dark. that number does not include the outages in baltimore or in the greater baltimore area. so we definitely have some good news there. we are seeing some pretty significant signs of progress. but keep in mind we have a whole day of triple-digit temperatures. take a listen to how one pepco modines what it is like to work underground while repairing power lines in the middle of the heat wave. >> you go underground and it is an oven. it is not a steam bath. it is an oven. the wires are cooked an men and women down there cooked. it is brutal. >> reporter: working in anen does not sound like fun but that is what pepco crews behind me have been doing the past, almost 24 hours now. what they are doing is going underground and repairing these power lines that are literally burned, if you take a look at them. they are actually charred because it got so hot underground. i know for all of you -- actually if you are without power you probably can't see us right now but for people withou
to fix a massive water main in potomac, maryland that is on the brink of failing. our kristin fisher has more on the latest repair efforts. >> reporter: these crews have been working around the clock, and they have made a ton of progress, but there's much more work to be done. wssc is estimating it at least will be monday before the pipe is back up and running and these mandatory water restrictions are lifted. after 24 hours of drilling and digging, wssc crews uncovered the 16-foot long section of pipe that needs to be replaced. they have also exposed a fiber optic wire that first alerted authorities that this part of the pipe was failing. >> i understand the technology really saved us. >> reporter: brian stanley lives across the street from the faulty pipe. he's the first to admit the construction and mandatory water restrictions are inconvenient but also the first to point out this could have been a repeat of the massive river road water main break two years ago. >> it could have been very bad. so it was a big sigh of relief to actually see the trucks and not see water. so, you know, h
your way to powder mill. move to the outer loop and show you in maryland, no construction projects no major incidents to report between route 1 college park toward 270. virginia, virginia, we are tracking 66 for you. heading eastbound you are fine from manassas to inside the beltway. 395, also finding drivers at speed making their way from the springfield interchange though the 14th street bridge. call it a wrap inside the district. hello, northeast, early-morning drivers on income tax new york avenue, an incident free commute making your way to the third street tunnel. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> much of the eastern seaboard is in for another day of grueling temperatures. some places are expected to hit as high as 102 degrees, but as howard just mentioned the humidity will make it feel much hotter them heat is challenging the basic assumptions we make about the services we couldn't on to run our homes. gary tries to find out how the heat will affect our lives down the road. >> reporter: first the water main repair that forced the washington suburban sanitary commission la
were hard at work this morning in frederick county, maryland. they responded to a call flames at bowers lumber and components just before 6:00 a.m. the lumberyard is located on main street in woodsboro, maryland. it is unclear what sparked the blaze. >>> david cameron is making his first visit to washington since assuming office. questions about the b.p. oil spill and reports the company pressured british petroleum officials to release the lockerbie suspect are expected to overshadow his trip. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: british prime minister cam reason arrived in washington ready for tough discussions. president obama and vice president biden want to talk him to him about the circumstances surrounding the release of this man. , the only person convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. some reports say that b.p. played a role in winning his freedom. before leaving england, the prime minister told the bbc if he had been in charge last august, he would still be in jail. >> all i know as leader of the opposition i couldn't have been more cl
banks in damascus, maryland this morning. the first robbery happened at a pnc bank along middle brook road. the sec ronry occurred only minutes later at a pnc on ridge road. right now there's no word on the suspect's condition. we're following the story, and we will bring you more information when it becomes available. of course you can always go to our website to get up-to-date information. >>> mandatory water restrictions have been lifted for wssc customers in prince georges and montgomery counties. our 9 news reporter kristin fisher has the latest information on the water main in potomac, maryland that caused all of these complications over the 4th of july weekend. >> after six days of these mandatory water restrictions, this massive water main is now back in service and those restrictions have now been lifted for nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties. remember the massive water main burst on river road nearly two years ago, wssc says that could have happened here were it not for a high-tech early warning system. the alarm sounded this pipe was failing.
>>> and bracking news tops our show at 6:00 from temple hills, maryland, lindsey mastis is on the scene of a barricade situation where a man is holed up inside a school bus. how long have police been negotiating and do you know this man's name? >> reporter: the police have been out here since 1:15 and they say they do believe they know who this suspect is. they're not releasing his name at this point. but what happened here at the intersection of allentown road and where i'm at right now, there is a bank of america across the street. and it all started there. they say the suspect and a victim entered. the victim had to get some money out of the bank for this suspect. we're told that at some point that suspect left the bank and the victim told the people inside that she was in fact being robbed. now we have with me over here on the side, this is major andy ellis with prince george's county police department. he ran across the street down into the woods, what do you know at this point? >> well right now we have him cornered on a bus in the woods behind us. our emergency se
to a later date. >>> a human trafficking case that spanned from california to new york, maryland and virginia. today 32-year-old mark brickhouse was scheduled to prison. he pleaded guilty to luring a 16-year-old girl from california and taking her across lines for prosecution. brickhouse and his accomplice posted ads for the girl on craigslist. >>> caught on tape, a helicopter makes a sudden crash landing. we will tell you the story ahead. >>> but first, free mortgage relief for people in danger of losing their homes. we will tell you how to get this help after the break. it sounds too good to be true but this week thousands of people are lining up to apply. a nonprofit organization is helping struggling homeowners and in some cases they are able to modify their loans with a 2% interest rate. it is called the neighborhood assistance corporation of america and they are bringing bankers and borrowers face to face. >> we have legally binding agreements with every major lender and the two biggest investors, fannie mae and fred fred. >> if that means we have to go 3% and 2% to get to that affordab
today. let's take a live look at route 50 at the bay bridge in maryland. cars on the left are coming back from the eastern shore. and now we will take a look at 95 in virginia. just north of the potomac mills mall. a mix of shoppers and people coming back from vacation. >>> nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties are still under mandatory water restrictions. crews are working to repair that failing water main in potomac. kristin fisher tells us when the repairs will complete and when the water restrictions may be lifted. >> reporter: this is a piece of pipe that was causing all of these problems. over the weekend, crews removed it an replaced it with a new piece of pipe and now the hope is that all of the repairs will be complete by the end of today. after four days of around the clock repairs, wssc is now hours away from fixing the failing water main. all that's left is for crews to complete a water quality test. even when the pipe is up and running the water restrictions could stay in effect for the nearly 2 million wssc customers in prince georges and mon
at speed past duke street to the 14th street bridge. we want to move you to 270 and show you in maryland the roads are wide open from 121 to the split and inbound new york avenue drivers, you are looking at a nice quiet commute. if we switch the camera over i can show you volume light this morning in northeast dc. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we are beginning to get a better picture of the man prince georges county police say will be remembered as one of the most 0 notorious serial killers in our area's history. he worked a u.p.s. employee at the landover facility. gary has been wading through court documents to bring us more on the man from upper marlboro. thorps warehouse where he worked in landover was also where the feds say he met customers to sell stolen weapons out of the trunk of his car. one was a paid informant who reported weapons last year. police describe him as a opinion of interest in the killings of karen lofton and karissa. he lived with his parents within two miles of the victims and was known in his neighborhood as a brain yak and as someone accused of breaking in to
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